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Zubehör, Griffe, Kabel


  Data Sheet (all grips and attachments)

  • AC1002, AC1002-1, AC1003, AC1003-1
  • Ergonomics testing, muscle strength evaluation, job task analysis applications

  • 09-1162, 09-1163, 09-1164, 09-1165, 09-1166, 09-1056, 09-1066, 09-1080, 09-1047, 09-1048,
    09-1048A, 09-1049, 09-1090, 09-1042
  • For data output from a force gauge or torque gauge to a PC or other devices

  • RSU100, MRS100, MRS100A, RSM100, RSM100A
  • RS-232 to USB
  • Mitutoyo to RS-232

  • AC1030, AC1031, AC1032
  • For use with all
    Mark-10 force gauges and torque gauges
  • 110V and 220V versions available

  • 08-1006
  • For use with all
    Mark-10 force gauges and torque gauges powered by rechargeable batteries
  • AC1008
  • Adjustable angle
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting

  • AC1015, AC1016
  • For mounting Series R51 and certain Series R54 torque sensors to a torque test stand
  • AC1020, AC1021, AC1022, AC1023, AC1024,
  • For mounting competitor force gauges to Mark-10 test stands

  • AC1036
  • Set of attachments to calibrate Series CTA cap torque testers
  • Weights not included
  • AC1018
  • For mounting Series R01 or R03 sensor to a force test stand

  • AC1029
  • Allows for axial movement during a torque test
  • Ideal for bottle cap and fastener testing
  • AC1004
  • For mounting a 5i, 3i, or TT03 to any TS-series test stand

  • DP-1VR
  • Calculates and prints statistics from data collected from a force gauge or torque gauge
  • 11-1022
  • Indicates pass or fail condition during a test
  • Compatible with legacy
    Series BG and CG gauges only

  • 09-1090
  • For legacy gauges and all test stands except ESM301 and DC controllers
  • Stops / reverses motorized test stand at load set points
  • Sends a set point signal to an external device
  • AC1006, AC1007, AC1010
  • For mounting an R50, R52, or R54 torque sensor to a work bench